Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy (IMRT)

This is an advanced form of three dimensional conformal radiotherapy. In the same computerized planning systems; by considering the tumor volume and healthy tissue volumes determined by the doctor; treatment is applied from the areas determined by the computer having intensity differences. Thus the maximum possible dose for removing the tumor may be applied by giving minimal damage the normal tissues. During the treatment planning; the three dimensional computerized tomography sections of the patient are used. The tumor volume to be irradiated and the healthy tissues to be protected from high dose radiation are determined.

Via the IMRT technique; planning and treatment application takes a longer time when compared to the classical techniques and it is especially preferred in some of the cancer forms because it provides higher tumor control with less side effects.

Today IMRT is used in the treatment of prostate cancer, head-neck cancers, breast cancer, and thyroid and lung cancer as well as in the treatment of gynecologic, liver, brain tumors and lymphoma and sarcomas. IMRT is also very beneficial in the treatment of pediatric tumors.