Image Guided Radiotherapy (IGRT)

 IGRT is not a radiotherapy application technique, but a method providing the verification of the treatment technique and treatment area in every radiotherapy session. After a patient-specific treatment planning is arranged and the treatment fields are specified; the patient is taken to the treatment room. To have the patient take the appropriate position regarding to the treatment table is provided by adjusting the table position by the lasers.
After it is ensured that all the adjustments and appropriate treatment position are provided; treatment technician leaves the room in order to initiate the application. At this time, the port films taking instantaneous images for the verification of the treatment site are evaluated and treatment is started after their accuracies are verified.

With the control of these films that are taken at the time of treatment; it is ensured that the treatment is always applied correctly according to the plan. Thus as the efficiency of the treatment increases, the side effects that may arise from the exposure of the normal tissues are prevented. Imaged Guided Radiotherapy can be applied efficiently together with the TomoTherapy device which is developed in the recent period.