3 Dimensional Conformal Radiotherapy

While the treatment fields are specified according to the width and height of the tumor in 2-dimensional classical radiotherapy, in 3 dimensional radiotherapy; the depth of the tumor besides its width and height is also considered. So the Computerized Tomography images of the patients in treatment position are added to the advanced computerized planning systems and the most successful treatment options for the tumor areas specified by the doctors are determined via a virtual simulation developed by the radiation physician and radiation oncology in order to protect the healthy tissues and organs.

Such determined treatment areas are superposed via lasers in the treatment device by courtesy of the markers placed on the patient in BT-simulator (device from which the Computerized Images of the patient are taken in treatment position) and then treatment areas are verified either by directly graphs in the devices or by obtaining the BT images and the treatment is started.

By 3 Dimensional Conformal Radiotherapy:
  • The volume of the tumor and the volume of healthy tissues and organs can be assessed in their actual dimensions.
  • It is provided to protect the healthy organs better while applying a treatment on the tumor volume at a requested ratio.
  • Treatment success increases.
  • Side effects decrease.