What is Cancer?

All of the organs are composed of cells in our body. Healthy body cells have capability of separation. They use such capability for the purpose of repairing the injured tissues and renewing the dead cells. However, it is still limited and they could not divide unlimitedly. A healthy cell is divided wherever required and as much as required. Moreover, cancer cells start to divide without any control and increase in number. They accumulate in the course of time and then they form tumors (masses), tumors could compress the normal tissues, penetrate into them or destroy them at all. If the cancer cells are separated from the tumours in which they are formed, then they may pass to the other areas of the body as well. And they continue to divide in the other places they go. The dispersion of cancer in this way is called metathesis. Different types of cancers grow in different speeds and they show different methods of dispersion and they respond to different medical treatments. Because of this reason, different medical treatments are applied according to the existing cancer type to the cancer patients.

Causes of Cancer

The main reason for cancer is still unknown. The risk factors vary depending on the living conditions, age, sex and family stories for cancer. Another factor is environmental factors.

To list in general;

  • Smoking and alcohol usage
  • Staying under sun for long time and in dangerous hours
  • Exposing to x-ray beams in excessive dosages
  • Some chemical substances (tar, benzene, paints and asbestos, etc)
  • Some viruses
  • Air pollution
  • Exposure to radiation
  •  Bad nourishment habits

Symptoms of Cancer

These symptoms and findings vary according to the tissue and organs which the cancer takes its roots. Even the cancer diagnosis could be put in any medical examination or control without giving any sign and finding. However, some symptoms which you should be careful about could be listed as follows;
  • Bulges and hardness occurring in any place of breast or any part of the body
  • Unhealed wounds
  • Long-lasting hoarseness and coughing
  • Difficulty in swallowing and indigestion
  • Growth, bleeding, color change, wound occurring in nevus and verruca...
  • Change in urination and stool habits
  • Abnormal bleeding or leakage coming from womb and anus
To protect from Cancer

  • Keep an ideal weight
  • Nourish yourself versatile
  • Maintain fresh vegetables and fruits in your daily diet
  • Get foods with high fiber contents
  • Reduce the quantity of oil in daily diet
  • Decrease alcohol intake
  • Get away from the foods which are protected and stored by salting, fumigation and with nitrites

Treatment Types in Cancer

  • Surgical Treatment
  • Radiotherapy    
  • Chemotherapy        
  • Hormonal Treatment
  • Biological agents        
First of all, we should be afraid of cancer. Fear prevents you from going to doctor and delays the diagnosis. Cancer is a disease which can be cured and this improvement rate is directly proportional with the early diagnosis. Approximately two third of all of the cancers could be cured in nature potentially and the curing rates could be increased to 95% which is still 50% with early diagnosis. You should be aware and awake about the symptoms of cancer and we should go to doctor whenever we feel one of such symptoms. We should have a general medical check-up once in a year even if we do not have any discomfort.